Welcome to the Cannibal Custom section. Here at Cannibal we pride ourselves as a company which is all about service plus thinking about the future, we have been in business for 28 years, with this we have seen many changes from the old days of screen printing onto Papers then storing for future use, now with today's technology of digital, we have saved an enormous amount of water plus we recycle all of our paper and fabric waste, we are a very green company, we don't profit from these 2 key recycling areas, we know they don't end up at the dump which is our main aim. 

We are all about service and have a great design room where we are very hands on from receiving a request for a design up to the orders being set out, we have an excellent track record especially with delivery and quality. We are the same Australian owned company since 89 we manufacture in Australia 95% of our products, the other small % is gloves, caps, towels, t-shirts, casual apparel are produced offshore. We like to be very transparent and honest, we are trying to keep jobs in Australia. I hope you do try Cannibal for your next custom order, I am sure you will enjoy the experience of being satisfied especially with our finished product which is equal to anything in the world. If you have any further questions about our service please contact or

Still Australian owned and made since 89.