Panthers Triathlon Club (PTC)

Your Club uniform is one of the best ways to re invigorate your club. If you can get people in the same kit they will feel like they are part of a team and it really increases the participation in the club. 

In June 2010 the Panthers Tri Club Committee decided that the club uniform needed a major overhaul. We contacted Cannibal who were already the uniform suppliers of the club and we discussed the direction where we were going and what we wanted the uniform to look like. We wanted something different from the other clubs and something that was very recognisable. The brief to Cannibal was that we wanted a similar look to that of the older HTC Columbia cycling team kit but in white, red and grey and that we wanted to re brand as PTC. We worked closely with the Art Room at Cannibal and came up what you have seen running around in big numbers over the last two seasons. Our first uniform order was so large that Cannibal contacted the club and donated 6 complete uniform kits for our newly developed PTC Junior Development Squad.

Not only did they help us with the kit they helped us attract new sponsors to the club. Many requests were sent to Cannibal for them to create a PTC art work with a company’s logo so that we could show the company how good they would look as a sponsor on a PTC jersey. This proved to be invaluable and we now have a full compliment of sponsors putting money into our club on a regular basis.

Not only did we produce a new race uniform with the help of Cannibal we designed a full cycle kit including leg and arm wares, cycling jackets. There is not a single day when you do not see person running or riding in PTC kit.

The new PTC uniform combined with the PTC committee has taken PTC to largest Triathlon Club in Australia. We now have 631 active members and still growing. The work that we have done with Cannibal has gone well beyond just the uniforms. They have supplied us with the art works and fonts in all the different formats that are required when you want to actively promote your club. This has enabled the committee to continually improve on professional communication and image to the members of the club and our sponsors.

This year PTC has now launched a black version of the uniform to compliment the white version. Again it has proven very popular with our members as I am sure you will see when you next go to an open race and see all the PTC members looking splendid in their PTC uniform.

A big Thank you to Glen and the team at Cannibal for helping PTC become Australia’s biggest and best Triathlon Club. We are proud to support an Australian Company!!!!!!!

Drew Reece


Enroure. I have been involved with Cannibal clothing since 2001 and remain committed to the organisation for a few very simple reasons; the company cares about it's customers, deliveries against tight timelines, is creative in their designs and is uniquely Australian. Glenn Forbes (founder and CEO) is hands on across his business, accessible in his customers and loyal. The production of Cannibal's garments is consistent and across all area's of the supply chain, they will never let you down. Cannibal display a customer ethos that is hard to walk away from.

Kent Williams
Director Entoure



GCT. Cannibal has been supplying our shop for close on 20 years. We have all our custom clothing produced by Cannibal and we get many offers from other companies. We find Cannibal's service, design & quality world class. Everything they say they deliver. Any problems are address quickly - a fantastic care factor which is another great reason to use Cannibal. Plus they are Australian owned and made here on the Gold Coast.



John Cycles. Cannibal is our preferred supplier for our custom kits, as they are the most reliable understanding professional team I have used over the past. Their workmanship from designs to end product is first class, without any fuss, no problem to address any thing that needs attention. I would recommend Cannibal to anyone interested in having their own team or shop kits done. Using an Australian company you know what you are paying for and the money stays in the Country/Australia.

Here at Gordon St Cyclery we use only the best in custom and that's Cannibal. This is the home of the Australian Ironman and we have great off road trails. Cannibal stands out to us with their manufacturering time frames. Their eye for detail in designs, service, attention to detail of the garments, fantastic colours and blends/fade. Most importantly their concern in producing what we want. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable supplier, for team or club kits. A great Australian made product check out our site.


"BoomTime is a dynamic and resourceful Business that had to have Cannibal produce our Kit. Cannibal support the charities we support, they employ an evil wizard in Adam that produces crisp, jump off the fabric designs. The materials are market leading, their processes are enviro-conscious. Cannibal is just a great group to deal with and BoomTime is as happy as they get. We had options to go off shore, however Cannibal offered custom kit, they worked with us to produce a unique, no-one else has garment- like the 'non-gripper leg", the "up to seem" printing and even the colour coded zipper for our Jerseys. Cannibal offered all this, worked with us to create our garment- they really made it ours!!! Not an off the shelf, here you go. The women that use this garment have noted that the Liquid Cell Chamois is the best they've ever experienced. Glen, Di, Adam (evil wizard) and Dave were great and continue to be. We get to launch the new "speed" jersey for BoomTime just in time for the Tour- another first that seems to be natural when dealing with the Great Cannibal.
It is also refreshing to be able to do Business with an all Australian Company.
Thanks Forbesy-

MB Coaching/Cycles. We have used been in business for many years in the cycle industry training & educating people to get the best out of themselves, we have a fantastic female following which is why we have a racing team. We have used the Cannibal custom range for many years, we like the Australian made plus they have a service record with MB Cycles unmatched. The fits are spot on they listen to our comments which has helped improve their products, plus their quality of product is equal to any overseas custom supplier. 

Tuckers Cycles. Tuckers cycles have been in business since 1988 so we know a lot about racing bikes & apparel, we have been using Cannibal for a number of years without any problems, we know the quality is excellent, the printing is world class so sharp, the best part of Cannibal is being Australian made. The service is spot on, short time frames and a willingness to serve their client, can't buy that, you can by a bike off us.


Pump N Pedal is a great shop, we offer off road novice up to the full on pro, roadies & triathletes a great service in Cairns, we are aware of everyone need for a reliable shop who can offer a great service. So we know clothing is a very important item to show case who we are and attract attention out on the road or in the forest, we can use other brands however we like the Cannibal brand for quality, life of the products and service, this company will deliver we have never been let down, plus they are still Australian made.. when in Cairns please visit us..


Turramurra Cyclery is a specialist shop in the northern suburbs of Sydney, we offer an excellent range of bikes form the novice to the elite along with first class servicing. We have run many tours over the years to Europe which attracts many cyclist from all over Sydney, plus we also have our club which run out of the shop, we have an exceptionally strong and friendly club. We have been suing Cannibal for a number of years and are very happy with their excellent range of products they customize for us, their service and willingness is very hard to forget, their great time frame is what makes them different plus being Australian made if there is a problem they can address it straight away.

SIZE Chest Waist Leg Arm
XS 86-91 71-76 39-42 26-28
S 91-96 76-81 42-45 20-30
M 96-101 81-86 45-48 30-32
L 101-106 86-91 48-51 32-34
XL 106-111 91-96 51-54 34-36
XXL 111-116 96-101 54-57 36-38
XXXL 116-121 101-106 57-60 38-40

SIZE Chest Waist Hips Leg Arm
XS 76-81 61-66 81-86 39-42 22-24
S 81-86 66-71 86-91 42-45 24-26
M 86-91 71-76 91-96 45-48 26-28
L 91-96 76-81 96-101 48-51 28-30
XL 96-101 81-86 101-106 51-54 30-32
XXL 101-106 86-91 106-111 54-57 32-34

KIDS 8 10 12 14


70.5 75.5 78.5
    68 70.5 75.5 83.5
WAIST BOYS 63 65.5 68 70.5
    60.5 63 65.5 68
HIP BOYS 70.5 73 75.5 80.5
    70.5 75.5 83.5 88.5
ARM UNISEX 21 22 24 26
LEG UNISEX 34 36 38 40